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Bichons get along great with people of all ages, as
well as with other pets.  They love everyone and
always become an important part of their families.
Bichons  do not do well being left alone for long
periods of time.  
Anyone who plans to own a Bichon should realize
that these precious babies  are very much like
children, and require lots of love and attention.  
Bichons love nothing
better than to be the center of attention.  
The only thing better than a bichon
Bichons are EXTREMELY sensitive and get
their feelings hurt very easily.  The best way
to train Bichons or any breed for that matter
is with positive reinforcement.  Please
always have a kind voice with your Bichon as
they respond positively to that. Harshness
hurts their feelings and will make them
afraid of you.  Ignore bad behavior and
reward good behavior!
Bonnnie's Bichons have
the baby doll faces with
the big dark points ..eyes,
nose and mouth...just like
our baby pictured above.
This is what a Bichon
Frise puppy should look
By nature, Bichons are snuggly - Cuddly little creatures.  If
you're not a feely -touchy type're probably not
going to make a Bichon very happy.  They are very
affectionate .... but they need the same kind of love in return.
 Bichons are definitely for loving people ONLY.  Grumpy -
Grouches need not apply!
Bichons love the great
outdoors, but by no means
are they an outdoor dog...
never leave your bichon
outside for long periods of
time.    They have a very
low  tolerance to heat and
can become ill if exposed
for an extended period of
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Bichons are best known for
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Doctors recommend Bichons
for most people with allergies.
Bichon Frise is pronounced
(Bee- Shawn) (Free -Say)  In
French this means "curly lap
dog".  How cute is
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Prepare yourself to fall in

Dear Bonnie and James,
We are once again visiting our daughter and family
in Raleigh. Eli continues to be the joy of our family!
He is a DOLL!!! Judging from all your other e-mails,
we are all in total agreement that you ARE the BEST
Bichon breeder in America!!
Eli celebrated his SIX month birthday yesterday---
very fittingly on July 4!!
He is due for his neutering soon. We'll be going for
a vet visit as soon as we get home this week. He
now weighs in at 12 pounds, only ONE less than
our 6 year old poochon, Lady. They have fun
playing together. Lady, who is often used as a
"chew toy," is extremely patient!            
So, in closing, we thank God everyday for Eli and
our friends, Patricia and Raphael, who led us to
you. What a joy it must be to make SO MANY people
(and puppies) as happy as you have made us.
Dr. William & Ann Hopper
Memphis TN

Hi Bonnie,
I hope you are doing well.  I know that the following
will not be a surprise to you, but here’s the news
just the same.

I just wanted to let you know that Ella is the
sweetest, cutest baby.  We are just in love with
her.  She only wimpered the first night in the crate
for 10 minutes, then was just fine after that.  I
cannot believe how she sleeps through the night
so well.  We put her to bed at 9:30 and she’s good
until we get up at 5:30.  

She’s doing pretty well on potty training.  We are
getting to know the timing better every day on
when she needs to go out.  I took her to our
veterinarian last Friday.  She weighed in at 5 lbs.
even.  The vet thought she was “perfect!”  She’s
making a slow transition to the new food as you
instructed.  The vet commented on how attached
she had become to her new mother.  Of course,
she’s never without somebody to play with or nap

I cannot tell you the joy we have had in the first
week of having her.  We could not have imagined
how we could love a little 5 pound baby dog!!!!

Thank you, Scooby and Maggie for adding so much
love, laughter, and sweetness to our lives.  We are
totally in love with Ella.

We’ll send pictures of her soon so you can see
her.  She’s so adorable.  Everyone that meets her
just melts.  What a sweetie!!!!

Take care,

Cathie L. Welch


Dear Bonnie:

Hard to believe that it's already been a week since
we left your home! I'd like to give you an update on
our puppy, whom we have named Marty.

Marty is a wonderful dog. He was very easy on the
trip home, and slept up against me in bed in the
motel room that night. He has acclimated well to
our two dogs; he adores our German Shepherd,
Ted, but is less affectionate with our mutt, Sasha,
who is more wary of him.

He constantly amazes us with his intelligence. He
is already paper-trained (for the most part) and
tells us when he needs to go by whining, looking at
us and circling around. He even has a little ritual:
once he poops on the paper he nudges the edge
of the pad with his nose so that the pad folds over
the poop, hiding it.  We are not allowing him to go
outside the house with the other two dogs,
because it is much too cold (8 degF without the
wind chill tonight).

I am actually shocked at how taken I am, personally,
with this dog. I never thought that I would like a
small lap dog, but I absolutely love him. This was
supposed to have been Sara's dog but he sticks to
me like glue and gets very excited whenever he
sees me.

He is eating and sleeping very well. He is getting
used to going to his crate, although we always
wind up putting him in bed with us sometime in the
middle of the night.

Sara and I thank you, James, Maggie and Scooby
for raising this beautiful and sweet animal. So far,
so great!

Best regards,

PS: Just as I finished writing this, he peed on my


Hi Bonnie,
Well, Rocco is just a little piece of heaven on
earth.  He is such a sweet puppy.  So loving and he
has taken to the family quite nicely.  Our chocolate
lab was very excited when Rocco arrived, but just
like a big sister when a baby is brought home...she
is getting jealous.  We are trying every way we can
to show her attention too, but I think she is really
jealous that Rocco can get up in our lap and she
can't!    He's been doing GREAT at night.  

Both Barry & I are light sleepers, so we've never
been able to sleep with animals, so we had him in
the crate.  Oh, he wasn't happy at all about that.  He
cried and cried and he has quite a booming voice!  
So I decided to do what I did when I had my babies
to keep them close by.  I got Brandon's old
bassinet out and little Rocco sleeps in a bassinet
right by my side.  He is so good.  He sleeps all
night.   He'll be awake early in the morning and he
doesn't even whimper to go outside!  He just stays
in there & plays with his sock.  But when he sees
I'm awake, he's quite happy about it and gives me
lots of kisses when I pick him up.  He goes outside
and gets right to business and has obviously been
holding it waiting for me to wake up.  You did a
great job.  

During the day is tougher of course.  We have a
LOT of triumphs, but we've also had several
accidents too.  He is beginning to make the
connection and is even looking at us for approval
WHILE he is peeing. He is adorable and everyone
that sees him thinks he's just the cutest.   Just
wanted to let you know that we are enjoying this
precious little guy.  Will post some photos when I
finally get them downloaded (along with all my
photos from 2001 and on! ) Sincerely,Cindy

Hi Bonnie!

Just wanted to give you an update on Mr. Gage!  It
has been just about  a year since I first contacted
you and you sent me that first little picture of him...I
can't believe how much time has passed!

He is still everybody's little darling.  In fact, when
he gets punished for doing something bad,
everyone gets mad at ME!  I went to get my hair cut
last weekend and another stylist, not even mine,
walked in, saw me, and started looking around for
him (yes, in Seattle dogs can go just about
everywhere so he has the run of the hair salon).  
When I said that he was at home, she called me a
"cruel individual" and I think she was only half

He has more admirers than I can even count...all of
the children  here and their siblings...last Friday I
was at a home meeting for one of our students and
of course Gage came along.  My student's little
sister says that Gage is her best friend (and it may
in fact be true!).  So they ran all over the house
playing, including up and down the stairs and up
and down a small plastic slide in the therapy room.  
She had a complete fit when we were leaving and
asked why "Gagie can't spend the weekend?"  Her
mother actually told her that she would have to
plan in advance and that he could come over for a
sleepover - how crazy is that?!?!?  Super crazy
given that Bo was the first dog they ever even
knew and they think the sun rises and sets on
Gage!  What a spoiled little dog.  We had a freak
snow storm on Friday and there was the little girl
out in the yard in her pink boots with Gage on the
leash tearing about!

He is just the sweetest little guy; yesterday he
crawled up in my lap and slept laying back on my
shoulder for almost an hour.

Hope all is well with everyone there - Gagie says
Woof Woof!

Take Care,

Bonnie and James,
Happy Easter!!! Ours will be even Happier with Mr.
Eli!  He Is an absolute DOLL!! We are in Raleigh
visiting our daughter and son-in-law and Howie,
who isn't quite sure who we have brought into HIS
domain!! Our Lady is getting much more adjusted
to him, thank Heavens. He LOVES everyone and
can't understand why Lady and Howie don't
welcome his attempts at kisses....constantly! He
now weighs 6 1/2 lbs and LOVES his Nutro Ultra
puppy food.

To say we are blessed would be a huge
understatement. We thank the Lord and you (and
Patricia and Raphael for their guidance and
direction to you!) We would never get a Bichon
puppy from ANYONE in the country other than you.
Thank you for raising little white angels to spread
God's  unconditional  love.

Ann & Bill Hopper
(Memphis, TN)

we can't thank you enough for you and your
husband's efforts to give the world such loving
and healthy Bichon puppies.  We've sent many
people your way, knowing you're the best Bichon
breeder in the country.  But we only send kind,
loving dog owners to you.

Here is Sydney (right), Roxie and I snuggling in one
Sat. afternoon.  Isn't Sydney a lover?  But she can
be a "rebel" sometimes.  The second pictures
shows what she thinks of people who don't want
dogs around :)
We'll keep you up to date on our beloved Sydney.

Warmest regards,
Raphael and Patricia
Lily Doo Lott is the LOVE of MY LIFE!  She is an
absolute ANGEL!  She has a BEAUTIFUL coat!

She went to see Santa yesterday and had her
picture made.  Not the best picture of her but I'll
scan it and send it later.

You have THE BEST BICHONS in the world!  
Yesterday, on our way to get her picture made with
Santa, someone leaned out of their car and
yelled... "YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DOG!"  Yes, she
gets everyone's attention.  You need
to send business cards so when people ask where
we got her, I can hand them your card!

When we are ready for another I guarantee you will
be the only one I visit!  My Lily is the most
beautiful, sweet girl!  Everyone says so.  Just take
a look.   This should tell your prospective buyers
a premier breed you have.

Linda Lott

Good morning Bonnie and James,

Max is doing wonderful!!!!  He has really adjusted
well with the house and his new friend Sammy.  
They are constantly playing together which is just
wonderful.  Potty training is going really well.  He
has not had an accident in 1+ week.   

We took him to Petsmart this weekend to get his
face trimmed.  We can now see his eyes.  He looks
more like Sammy now.  I took some pictures of Max
this weekend with the kids.  I will upload the
pictures this week.  I want to get some pictures of
both Sammy and Max with their new hair cuts.

My husband has become so taken with Max.  He
was against getting another dog but my
persistence did pay off.  He just thinks the world of
Max.  We absolutely love and adore him!!!!  
He is just AWESOME!!!
Thanks again for Max.  
We can’t imagine life without him.

Take care,
Central, S.C.

Hi Bonnie!
Prince is doing great, he is very happy and healthy.
He is already  beginning to associate getting a
treat for 'visiting' the puppy pad (sometimes he
pees too), I basically practice every time he gets
out of his crate going straight to the potty, and
reward him also during times he is just
curious and nosing about in that area:)
He loves exploring the yard together too, though
he is a bit clueless  that he's supposed to follow
me! (Or perhaps I'M the clueless one LOL!)

When I have to get work done and can't watch him
continuously he is very good  about getting in his
crate as long as he can see me. He plays with his
toys  and rarely whines unless I have to leave the
room. He is such a good boy!

I hope it's not too cold up in Tennessee.
It's been chilly down here,  but
sunny, so it is nice for walks.

Take care,
North Florida
It has been so long since we have given you an
update on our little babies.  We just love them to
death, and they bring so much love and joy to our
home.  The two of them are completely
inseparable!  Cornbread is known as the “sheriff”
in the neighborhood because he enforces good
behavior with his sister.  She is our little social
butterfly, and she has such a sweet disposition.  At
times I forget that they are dogs.

We just love them and I am so glad R.J. found you
to buy them from.

Enjoy the attached pictures!


Bailey is still the sweet loving little guy he has
always been.  He and Barnum are inseparable.  
They play, eat and sleep together and we often say
that if anything would happen to one the other
would not know what to do.  Bailey is a lover and
enjoy sitting next to us and having his belly
rubbed.  In fact he will climb up beside us and
automatically roll over on his back to get his tummy
rubbed.  He loves to nose Barnum to get him to
play.  He still has his little odd ways.  He will take a
mouth full of food and run into another room to eat
it????  He knows when it is time for doggy treats
and he will twirl round and round to show us it is
time.  He is an all and all delight and we are so
thankful to have him in our lives.  He has the most
adorable little face and snappy black eyes that will
melt your heart.  Thank you for all you did to make
him a part of our lives.  He is the most wonderful
little guy you could ever want.  Our very best to
you, James and your son.  
I have attached a few pictures of Max and Sammy.  
Max is doing absolutely wonderful and potty
training is definitely coming along.  

Sammy and Max have gotten to the bonding stage
and play and chase one another a good portion of
the day.  It is absolutely wonderful to see
this.  As you can see several of the pictures show
Max in our dishwasher.  We gave him a nick name
"First Cycle".   We love him very much and once
again, thank you for giving us a wonderful addition
to our family.  Max is loved and will always be

Frank wanted to let you both know that if there is a
need to email us, and please feel free to email us
and call us anytime, to do so at the account.  If you
are ever in the area, please let us know as we
would love to see you both.  Max would also be

Central, S.C.


Hi Bonnie,
Thought I would send you some pictures of gage in
his Halloween costume.  He was a firefighter and
while he loved wearing his coat all day, he REALLY
wanted to eat his hat so I don't have any pictures
of him in it.  Of course, I am not a good
photographer so he has terrible red eye:(  if you
have any suggestions for that let me know!)

He continues to be such a good boy and
EVERYONE adores him.  He still gets invited for
puppy and human play dates and sleepovers.  He
is going to be flying back to WV with me this
weekend and hopefully he will sleep the whole trip
under the seat, though I have my doubts!

Hope all is well...several people here have asked
for your contact information so maybe you will be
sending more babies to the Pacific Northwest!

Take Care,
Seattle, Washington
Gage Became a Man:
or lost his manhood yesterday depending on how
you look at it I suppose!  He was neutered
yesterday and is not pleased with me to say the
least.  He is terrified by the plastic E collar so I took
it off and am trying to keep an eagle eye on him
constantly so that he doesn't lick the area!  He was
also micro chipped and had his last little baby
tooth extracted to make room for all of his big boy
teeth.  Poor little guy cried and cried when he
came home and basically wanted me to hold him
like a baby all night while he slept:(  I told him that
he only has to live through this one time and that
tomorrow will be better)  

Tonight is his puppy kindergarten graduation and
even though he can't get down on the floor with
his friends, the vet said I could still take him so he
can get his diploma and treats!

Hope all is well!

Seattle , Washington
Dear Bonnie,

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how
well Baxter is doing.  He just celebrated his
second birthday a couple of weeks ago, and he has
grown into a fabulous big boy  and he is so
handsome.  Every time he goes to the vet she
comments on his beautiful teeth, skin and coat.  

Over July 4th we took him to our family's cabin on
the lake, and he had a wonderful time. He
practiced swimming in the lake, and he did very
well.  Swimming isn't his favorite thing, but he does
like to wade out into the water and just walk
around.  Also, we took him in the boat, and he
loves to ride in David's lap (he's our co-pilot) and
feel the wind on his face.

We absolutely couldn't be an happier with Baxter!  
He is so fun and sweet, very easy to travel with,
and extremely cute.

I hope that you and your family are doing well and
having a wonderful summer.  

Take care,
Whitney Barnes
Hi Bonnie,
I have been meaning to e-mail you to let you know
that Mr. Gus was neutered on July 10th, 2007.

Other than that, your little Midget is just doing
great.  He is such a love.  He graduated from Puppy
Kindergarten and he follows commands….well,
pretty much when he feels like it!  
Gus has loved going out with us to outdoor
restaurants, for ice cream or to Petsmart this
summer.  He delights the whole family and it seems
like we have had him much longer than only two
months.  Everyone tells us how adorable he is.  We
met up with another Bichon at the ice cream place
a couple of weeks ago and I felt bad, because that
puppy looked uncared for, unhealthy and was
obviously a mix (although the owner thought she
was getting a purebred Bichon). By comparison,
Gus looked so beautiful and healthy and she
remarked on the difference.  I felt badly for her,
but so proud of Gus.

You do breed a fine Bichon, Miss Bonnie!

I wonder how the puppies from the May litter are
doing……we’d love to see a recent picture of them
if you have time to send one.  The kids would love
to see how big they have gotten.

Here are a couple of recent pictures of Gus.

We think of you often and hope things are going
well for you and your family this summer.

Take care,  

Kim and Family
Bonnie~ Can't thank you enough for our perfect
new baby. Daddy picked his name and it is Rossi,
after his favorite motorcycle racer... it fits because
he races across the tile to get to us! It was no
doubt, love at first sight! He slept on the way home
(as you can see!) and he went poopoo as soon as
we got home--he's a wonderful little angel... We'll
keep you posted on everything.
Take care and God bless you all!!!!
The McKevitt family
- Gina

Dear Bonnie:
What a wonderful gift you have given us!  She
(Sadie) is such a wonderful puppy!  She slept on
my lap all the way back to Louisville and
proceeded to jump into bed with us when we
arrived home (just like she owned the place).  
Believe it or not, she slept (sleeps) completely
thru the night nestled on my pillow like she's right
at home--no crying or wiggling; I am ABSOLUTELY
amazed since she's so young and this is all so new
to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You did a fabulous job with her...she is so healthy,
sociable and playful.  We had our "well baby"
check on Wednesday, and the vet raved about
what a healthy puppy she was and what a great
temperament she had!!  
The vet turned her upside down and right side up,
and Sadie just acted like it was just  another  "spa
visit"--completely unconcerned with the
pokings and proddings.  

Sadie also never missed a beat with her puppy
chow routine, and has quite a healthy appetite (like
her new mama)!!  I'm so thrilled she's not
a picky eater, after coaxing Radar to eat for the last
two years of her life!!  I am also amazed at how
easily she has house trained.  She seems to have
picked it right up--we've made such a fuss when
she gets it right, that she barely gets out the front
door now before she squats and looks up at us for
praise and her special home-made peanut butter
"dog biscuits" from the dog biscuit store!!  They
smell good enough for me to be tempted to pee-
pee in the yard!!  I'm puzzled and amazed at what a
completely different house training experience
this has been!!

Sadie has made quite a splash in the
neighborhood and is still receiving squeaky toys
and goodies from our great neighbors and friends
(Stanley, the dauchand (sp?) on our left and
Suzanna the Corgy on our right--she has made fast
friends with each and romps endlessly in the yard
with them).  

She accompanied me to painting class on Friday
and made quite an impression with all the women
at the studio.  She is so sociable, and she loved all
the attention and different ears to lick and laps to
roll around on!!  Dad is also taking her for rides in
the truck to do "guy things" and she seems to
enjoy those trips as well.  She's also great
with my elderly folks, keeping them entertained
with her cuteness.

Anyway, thanks again!! I really do think there was
"DiVINE INTERVENTION" at work here (why Texas
didn't work out)--it's like she's always been
part of our family, and we loved her more than we
can put into words.  
I'm glad she stayed a "southern belle dog", aren't
you??!!  I told Radar the week she died that I
wanted her to find me a new puppy when the
time was right, and I think she (and you) really
came thru for us!!!  

Thanks for your website, e-mails and patience in
keeping her an extra week while we visited Liz in
Boston!!  You guys are simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and hugs,

Jill (and Doug) Shaw
Louisville, Ky

PS:  Sadie says "woof, woof, woof--I'm a very happy
Dear Bonnie,

Miss Sadie is a joy!  She's eating like a
longshoreman and now weighs
almost 9 lbs!!!  She is a busy girl most days--so
many toys (and sticks,
and bugs, etc.) and so little time!!  Her absolute
favorite time of day
has to be morning, when she decides that we've all
had enough sleep
(usually somewhere around 6:45 a.m.) at which time
she licks us both
awake, and if that happens to not work she
proceeds to start pulling the
covers off us, and if that doesn't work then she
smartly proceeds to the
squeek, sqeeek, squeek, squeek of her favorite
toy, which she has
conveniently dragged up by my ear!!!

We go back to the vet today for another round of
puppy shots--she could
care less.  Housebreaking has mostly been a
breeze, with the exception
of an occasional missfire, which is always by the
front door (mom
wasn't paying attention--so, she gets it!)  She is in
puppy school on friday
nights and has learned "sit", "off" (no jumping on
people), and "lets
go"--she loves "lets go".  She is the smartest in
the class (of course)
and the teacher always lets Sadie go early.  She's
having a little
trouble with "NO"---m-m-m-m-m-m.  She thinks life's
a big game and we're
the best toys/playmates ever.  She will go fetch a
ball endlessly and has
lots of playtime with the dauchand next door
(Stanley).  She keeps his
ears very clean for him--he loves her!!!

I'll send pictures when I figure out how (I'm not as
smart as sadie).  
Thank you again for such a wonderful pup--I know
she was birthed and
weened in the very best place to make her such a
wonderful pet/child.

Hope all is well with your family (two legged and
four legged).  Love
to Scoobie & momma!


Jill & Doug
Louisville, Ky

i love her! I love her!  I love her!  She is just the
sweetest thing.
I can't get over her personality.  She did great on
the car ride  home...slept most of the way in the
crate...and last night, didn't make a
peep untilt 5:30!!   
She is so easy-going, yet so fun when its time to
play!  the girls love her and she does great with
them!  She really is a  perfect match for our family!  
Thank you Bonnie for making our family

Greenville, S.C


Just wanted to say hi and let you know Jake gets more
precious every day. We have NEVER had a dog with
such a precious personality. He about ran himself to
death checking on me and Joseph during our recovery
from our surgeries. Jake is just the most cuddly thing
ever created. He is so very smart.  I know so very many
families are blessed by you and the precious gifts of your
puppies---our lifelong buddies.
Joseph has started college and is studying Criminal
Justice and is doing very well. He thinks he is going to
take Jake when he moves out in a few years, but he is so
very WRONG. I may have bought him for Joseph, but
Jake is staying with me. If he is not in the bed with one of
us, he has a special chair in Joseph's room that he
sleeps in and NOBODY better try to sit in JAKE'S chair.
Just wanted you to know again how much Jake means to
us and how very spoiled he is.
Hope all is well with you and yours.
I will get pixs to you as soon as I can. Jake's two year old
birthday is coming up in April.He is fat and sassy at 14
pounds. Can you believe it.
Talk soon,
Sherri and Joseph
Franklin, TN

Dear Bonnie,
I've been meaning to drop you a line to let you
know how Jasmine is doing.  She is such a sweet
healthy little girl!!  She just loves and loves all the
time and makes our day every day.  Of course, with
me being home all day, she has her "mommy" to
spoil her all day.  Then when "daddy" comes home,
she gets all of his attention. She's been on several
trips in our camper.  Absolutely loves it!  She
sleeps on a pillow on my lap as we travel and
stretches out on the couch when we get where we
are going.  We went to several Arkansas Razorback
football games and also went to Branson for a
week when my sister visited us.  She has really fit
into our lifestyle with no problem.  We're going to
Savannah for Christmas so we are all looking
forward to that.  

As soon as I have her spayed, I will get the
paperwork to you.  Don't worry though as she
NEVER goes outside without being on a leash, so
there is absolutely no danger of there being an
"accident" during her heat cycle.

I'll have to get some pictures to you of her.  She
rarely stays still long enough for me to get a good

She is a delight, and I am so blessed to have been
led to you to find this wonderful little angel.  

Thank you so much.  
Madison, Mississippi
Sophie and Tessa  have bonded so well together.
Just to let you know, we are crazy about our girls.

We swear that Sophie is talking to us.  They are both
smart, but Sophie seems to be genius material.  Tessa,
on the other  hand, is the sweetest dog on the planet.  
Their personalities
are so different, but they get along so well, and we love
them both.

Any plans on seeing Letterman in NYC?  If you're still
serious, please let us know.  We'd be glad to put you up
and show you around the city.

We'll send you updated photos shortly.  
Take care.  
Clinton, Connecticut

Dear Bonnie,

Miss Sadie is a joy!  She's eating like a
longshoreman and now weighs
almost 9 lbs!!!  She is a busy girl most days--so
many toys (and sticks, and bugs, etc.) and so little
time!!  Her absolute favorite time of day
has to be morning, when she decides that we've all
had enough sleep (usually somewhere around 6:45
a.m.) at which time she licks us both
awake, and if that happens to not work she
proceeds to start pulling the covers off us, and if
that doesn't work then she smartly proceeds to the
squeek, sqeeek, squeek, squeek of her favorite
toy, which she has conveniently dragged up by my

We go back to the vet today for another round of
puppy shots--she could care less.  Housebreaking
has mostly been a breeze, with the exception
of an occasional missfire, which is always by the
front door (mom wasn't paying attention--so, she
gets it!)  She is in puppy school on Friday
nights and has learned "sit", "off" (no jumping on
people), and "lets go"--she loves "lets go".  She is
the smartest in the class (of course)
and the teacher always lets Sadie go early.  She's
having a little trouble with "NO"---m-m-m-m-m-m.  
She thinks life's a big game and we're the best
toys/playmates ever.  She will go fetch a ball
endlessly and has
lots of playtime with the dauchand next door
(Stanley).  She keeps his ears very clean for him--
he loves her!!!

I'll send pictures when I figure out how (I'm not as
smart as Sadie).  Thank you again for such a
wonderful pup--I know she was birthed and
weened in the very best place to make her such a
wonderful pet/child.

Hope all is well with your family (two legged and
four legged).  Love
to Scoobie & momma!


Jill & Doug
Louisville, KY
Dear Bonnie,

Scruffy is wonderful.. He had a long flight. He did not get
to Dulles until after 5pm and was very tired. He went to
Molly first thing and has been stuck to her since. Scruffy
has even been given a compliment by Jeff. My husband
has never had a pet or desired one until his Molly had to
have one. Scruffy's personality and temperament so far
is more than we expected. The first night went well and
last night was good. I think we have a perfect match.

He has not had one accident in the house and is
consistently using the same location in the yard to potty.
Wow! This may be luck but I have never had a dog jump
into a schedule so well and my goodness so young.

We will send photos and keep you updated in a few
weeks. School is just about to end so the days are crazy.

God Bless you and yours. This dog is the best thing that
has happened to my daughter in a very long time. You
picked the perfect pup for us.

Ashburn, Va
Zoe and Zannie are great little family members.
Zannie considers herself the guard of the house.
She acts so ferocious but is so loving and
can melt your heart with some big brown eyes.
Zoe, well she always follows Zannie around and
she does not usually bark. But she is so loyal. She
sits at my feet wherever I go in the house.

We love them both to death and cannot imagine
life without them. Sometimes Zannie gets a bit tired
of having to share her human pets so she
growls a little bit at Zoe ...but we are accustomed
to sibbling rivalries in a house with five kids. No
biggie, we just keep on loving both of them.

Zannie's nick name is "chubbers" because she
loves to eat.  Zoe's nick name is "silly" because
she is always driving her sister "silly."
Thank you for the wonderful family members you
added to our lives. I just got a digital camera so I 'll
take some pictures and send you some.
Thanks again,
Easley, South Carolina
Aaron Cohen wrote:
Yes Spencer is growing fast ,too fast to soon we
love him this size.  He's very smart and doing very
well with crate training.  My other  Bichon I wrote
you about is a male 4 years old and they play
just wonderful together. Spencer took to
everybody in the family and almost  knows his
name and we all look forward to him each day.
Oceanside, New York
Hi Bonnie!
Prince is doing great, he is very happy and healthy.
He is already  beginning
to associate getting a treat for 'visiting' the puppy
pad (sometimes he  pees too), I basically practice
every time he gets out of his crate going
straight to the potty, and reward him also during
times he is just  curious and nosing about in that

He loves exploring the yard together too, though
he is a bit clueless  that  he's supposed to follow
me! (Or perhaps I'M the clueless one LOL!) When
I have to get work done and can't watch him
continuously he is very good  about  getting in his
crate as long as he can see me. He plays with his
toys  and rarely whines unless I have to leave the
room. He is such a good boy!

I hope it's not too cold up in Tennessee. It's been
chilly down here,  but
sunny, so it is nice for walks.

Take care,

Hi Bonnie,

Just wanted to let you know that Bella graduated
tonight from puppy obedience school.  She did
great, and I think I may have a future agility dog!  
We ran through an agility course in class tonight
and she did great!

I also wanted to let you know that my instructor
from the class, Lucinda Schultz, asked for your
name and number for a friend of hers who wants to
purchase a Bichon puppy, immediately.  I told her
that I thought you might have puppies available
(you do, right?).  She commented on what a
wonderful temperament Bella has, and what a nice
coat she has, too.  So, I’m going to give her name
and number and your website information, if that’s
okay.  I don’t know her friend’s name, but I’ll tell
her to mention that she got your name from me.   

On another note, Bella went for her first grooming
last week.  I took photos, which I haven’t
downloaded yet.  I’ll be sure to send them to you
this weekend.  She looked so beautiful!  Also, we’
ve scheduled her for her spay on December 8.  I’ll
be sure to send you a copy of the spaying record
from our vet as soon as it’s done.

We love our Bella so much, and can’t imagine our
lives without her.  She’s really become attached to
me the last two weeks, and is terrific with all her
obedience commands.  She can sit, lay down, and
shake on command with no problems.  She’s such
a wonderful dog…thank you!

Talk to you soon,

Elly J
Louisville, Ky.
Lacey is a real joy for us.  She loves to sit through
all of my private students' voice or piano lessons.  
She just loves all of my students , and she sits on
the sofa in the studio and listens intently.

Other than eating/chewing anything she can get to
that we've dropped on the floor and left, or left on
the night stand accidentally, (cough drops,
earplugs, etc.) she is a well-behaved darling.  She
and I take 2-mile walks almost everyday, and she
just loves that.  We go to a different place
everyday.  Her favorite is the campus of Lynchburg
College.  The students just love her, and Lacey
gets loads of T.L.C..

Lacey weighs around 12 lbs. now as an adult, a
little larger than I'd expected, but I think I
remember her father being bigger than most.  

Lacey sleeps well in her kennel at night, but has
free reign of the house all day.  She's precious and
so sweet.  She's especially attached to my
husband, Dan.  Dan says she's a "bane" whenever
he's asked about her, but he melts whenever she's
around.  They adore each other.  When Dan's
home, I definitely play second fiddle to him, but
that's just fine.

We are blessed to have a family of my piano
students just two doors up with wonderful teen-
aged boys who love Lacey, so whenever Dan and I
have to be away from home overnight and we can't
take Lacey with us, Lacey's able to just stay home,
and those boys fight over who gets to come down
to play with Lacey, walk her and feed her.  So,
Lacey's never had to stay overnight at a vet's,
except when she was spayed.

Lacey especially adores to travel with us.  She
loves to visit my brother's house on the beach at
Myrtle Beach, S. C.  She's a great little traveler, and
wants to be a part of wherever we go.  

Our Lacey is the joy of our lives these days.  I'll
never regret buying her from you.
We think of you often, and love to get your e-mails
and pictures of your dogs and puppies.

Best wishes,
Lynchburg, Va.


Bella is all of a whopping 4.7 lbs.  She is learning
all sorts of fun tricks and is great at the “come”
and “sit” commands.  She’s learning how to do
“shake”, and we’re working on the “down”
commands, too.  She’s really very smart.  She’ll be
going to her first puppy obedience class next
week and will meet lots of new puppy friends.  We
just love her so much Bonnie!  Don’t be surprised
if we call you for another one!

Speaking of another puppy.  My vet asked me all
about you and said he has a friend who just lost
their dog.  Their cocker spaniel, I think, just died
and they wanted to get another dog, and he
thought the Bichon would be perfect for them.  He
also thinks Bella’s such a cutie and we highly
recommended you to him, so if it’s okay with you, I’
m going to give him your number/email.  He said he
doesn’t know if his friends are ready for a puppy
just yet, but I did tell him that you were expecting a
litter around Christmas, right?   

We are going to a Halloween party this weekend.  
Sophia is going to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
and Bella is going to be Toto.  I will definitely send
you some photos!

Hugs to Maggie and Scoooby…let them know their
baby Bella is doing great!

Elly J
Louisville, Ky

Hi Bonnie, I wanted to send you an update on our
sweet Murphy and include a few pics. Murphy
continues to be such a wonderful addition to
our family! We love him so much! He weighs about
10.5 lbs. now and our vet says that she doesn't
expect him to get bigger than 12 so almost
there! He sleeps with Stephen and me and is quite
the little snugglebug!

Reese (our7 year old) has taught him to play
catch/fetch. Murphy will only do this with Reese for
some reason! I guess it is their little game! Murphy
has to have his bellyrubs everyday too, which is
one of our favorite things he does.

The boys really like watching him do the Bichon
Blitz too! He continues to be a watchdog and
protective of all of us when anyone comes into our
home. Our vet jokes that he doesn't know
that he is a little 10 lb. furball, b/c he acts like he's
a big lab!

We completed all his vaccinations at the end of
May and he was neutured
on July 27th. Aside from pulling one of his staples
out, everything went well with that and we are
relieved to have it over with and done.  I'm
not sure what paperwork you will need after that
so when you get chance just let me know.

We take him with us most places we go and
everyone falls in love with him. Even my dad who
has never shown a lot of interest in dogs talks
about how cute he is! All the girls at the vet's office
and the groomer's love all over him whenever we
take him in. He's irresistible!!! He continues to be
everything I had read a Bichon would be...good
natured, loving, loyal, happy, and good with
Here are a few pics of him getting a bath and I
found him in the laundry room
in the basket yesterday so I snapped one of him
there too!
Kelly Armstrong

The latest pictures of our 2 children. Both are
doing great. Sissy is such a blessing to us. She is
the sweetest thing and Barney loves her so much.
She likes picking on Barney so he will chase her.
They play hard all day. Their favorite thing to do is
go for a ride in the car. One of the pictures is
where we entered them in a picture contest. They
did'nt win but it was close.

We received the resgistration papers for Sissy.

John & Linda
Kingsport, Tn

We thought about you this past weekend and
wondered if the storms hit your area.  Hope
everyone is well.

Chewbacca is doing really well.  I've been so proud
of him with his house training.  We all love him and
he loves us right back.  He has a wonderful little
personality that fits right in with our family.  It's
been the perfect time of the year to get him
because the weather has been pleasant to take
him outside.  He has a little routine ... when he
comes in from outside as soon as I let him off his
leash he dashes through the dining room straight
for his water bowl.  The kids are always excited to
get home from school to play with him.

I'll take some pictures of him with the kids on
Sunday for Easter and send them to you.

Have a great day!
Hi Bonnie!

I took Jasmine to the vet yesterday to get her next
Parvo shot.  We made the appointment for the first
round of shots.  He was really impressed with her.  

She is so precious.  Mike had me take her to his
work today so he could show her off.  I wish you
could have seen the proud parent in him as he
showed her to everyone.  

I'm so pleased with the way everything is going.  
She is the sweetest little girl I've known.  She just
loves me as we are home all day together.  
Wherever I am she's at my feet and when I stop
she just lies down at my feet.  I'm so happy to have
her.  Thanks so much for starting her life off on the
right foot.

Talk to you later!

Madison, Mississippi

Hi!  Hope all of you are doing well.  You should see
Jasmine!  She is growing like a weed and so loving
and cute.  I took her to the vet the other day for
her second round of puppy shots and she weighed
8 pounds.  Her coat is beautiful, so long and full.  

Again, thank you so much for providing us with the
most loving angel.  She's a happy puppy and is
getting the best of care.  She rarely leaves my
side, and I rarely leave her side.  This is like
heaven to me to be able to stay home with her.  
Her house training is coming along just fine.  She
is so smart!  

Take care.

Madison, Ms.

Yes, I finally downloaded some pics of Lily Doo! Let
me know whether you think she looks like Scooby
or Maggie Mae....

She is AN ANGEL!!! So beautiful and so sweet and
loving and happy! I couldn't have asked for a more
perfect pet.

Notice that she LOVES to ride in the car. We get a
Starbucks together nearly every day.

Hope all is well with you. I told Tommy just this
weekend that if I ever get to have another Bichon
it will only be FROM YOU!

Bartlett, Tn
Hi Bonnie! Just a quick note to tell you that Henry
is doing very well. He's wonderful with the kids &
our other dog, and he is everything you said he
would be. Everyone who meets him falls in love
with him. Even my mother wants a Bichon just like
Henry, and she doesn't like small dogs. :-)

Henry is very well behaved and smart. He's almost
entirely housebroken already! Thanks again for
giving us such a wonderful puppy!
Take care -
West Chester, Pa

Hi Bonnie,

Been meaning to e-mail you for sometime but
Darby is keeping me quite busy.  She is well but
boy what a spitfire she is - who would of known
that when I saw her at the airport

She gets along with all of my friends dogs (and
cats) so she gets a good workout - she even has
tried to take on a 50 pound dog - the funny thing is
she won.

Darby is in  school and kinda of flunking on the
walking on the leash part but I still have hope - she
is faster than a rabbit.  My entire family has fallen
in love with her which is good for all.

Her new adventure is trying to toilet paper my
house and office so had to change that scenario -
it is funny though.

She now weighs 6.1 pounds and continues to grow
- she loves to eat.

I will send you some pictures via mail since I still
have not figured out how to do that via the

I hope all is well with your family and your dogs...
Thank you again for such a special gift.

Mary & Darby
Bloomfield Hills, Mi

Oh My Gosh,
He is a sweetheart!!!!!  He does not take his eyes
off of Cooper.

He was very vocal when I placed him in the crate
and I thought, boy oh boy four hours of this.  Two
minutes into the trip and he was out like a light!!  
He slept for 2.5 hours until I stopped for a potty
break.  I gave him some water and took him to
potty but he did not go.  I placed him back in the
crate and he was silent until we got home.  He had
a tinkle, met Spanky, played with Spanky and I
swear he acted like and made sounds like he was
trying to "talk" to him.  Then he ate some kibble-
drank-outside potty-and now napping.  

He is beautiful.  No other words could do him
justice.  My mom and dad stopped by a couple of
minutes to see him and had Molly, their Bichon,
with them.  Jordy loved her.

It was great to meet you and James.  I had been so
excited to finally meet you.  It was an absolute
pleasure.  All of the pups were beautiful and
sweet.  I am glad you guided us to the right pup.  It
took a lot of pressure off of me.  I saw them for 15-
20 min.  You have known them for 8 wks.  You are
more qualified than I am to know which one would
be best for us.  

We adore him already.

Thank you for raising wonderful-beautiful Bichons.  
Hope to continue to talk/email with you

Many Thanks!!!!!
Melody, Cooper and Spencer
Evansville, In

Isn't Spencer a hoot.  You would not know that he
has Asberger's Syndrome which is in the Autism
Spectrum Disorder Family.  He is something else.  
His main goal in life is to praise, honor and spread
the word of Jesus.  I take no credit for that.  It is
truly from God as all of my boys are....animals

Well Jordy slept through the night w/o going potty.  
He potties each time we take him out.  All FIVE of
us slept in my bed.

I am amazed at how Jordy has singled out Cooper.  
He watches his every move and plopped himself
beside him to sleep.  This is so good for Coop.

As you probably saw, Spencer can be a charmer.  
All adults flock to him.  Unfortunately, they do not
have the sense that you displayed yesterday.  I
really thank you for making Cooper feel special as
well as Spencer.  Usually people ooggle over
Spence and don't say a word to Coop.  How
ignorant are they!!??

Spencer told me several times yesterday that the
day just wasn't about meeting our puppy but it was
also about meeting Bonnie and James and that
made his day special too!!

.....we are just so thankful and excited for our baby.

I know it has just been one day, but I have not had
a puppy that is so playful.


Have a good restful day!!!  You have certainly
earned it.

Melody, Coop and Spence
Evansville, In

Cooper said to tell you that we love our puppy and
that we (you) made a good choice.  And that he
loves us all and we love him.

Spencer said to tell you that we love our puppy
and he is very playful.

Hi Bonnie,
We were talking about you the other day and I told
Gwen we needed to send you some pictures of
“Harley”, as in Harley Davidson. We had to give him
a real masculine name! He is a wonderful pet! He
can be so sweet and  loving one moment and a
little feisty playful fur ball the next.

We started him in puppy classes last Thursday at
Pet-Smart. He is one spoiled but sweet little it dog,
as we had him neutered about 2 weeks ago. Here
below are a few pictures and we would be more
than happy to send more.  If you are ever down
this way please feel free to call and see if we are
home and come visit with Harley!!  

Madison, Alabama
Dear Bonnie and Jim
Maggie and Scooby Doo,
I am sending a picture of Louie at the Christmas
Tree, this will be his 3rd Christmas.  He is doing
well, he now weighs 18 pounds, so we are both
on a diet and exercise program, and neither like
that very well.  He is still a sweetheart and lots of
people call him "Louie the Lover".  I have also
sent a photo of Louie telling John how it is!  He is a
daddy's boy!!!
We wish you many blessings in this Christmas
Season and for the New
Pat,J ohn and Louie
Owensboro, KY

I have to say that she is probably the best puppy
we have ever had. She hasn't had any accidents in
the house and she is the most lovable little thing.
We decided on the name SnowFlake.  She is too
CUTE! Once I get around to taking pictures I will be
sure to send you some!
She is the best, thank you so much!

Hamilton, Ohio

I just had to take a minute and tell you some good
news.  We started
Jake in some advanced classes tonight and there
was a particular task
he had to do that involved me. Kat, the teacher,
had to have someone
else sit in for me because Jake is so attached to
me he couldn't do the
task. Kat said I was like "velcro" to him. Goes to
show you how spoiled
that baby is. I told Kat that Jake was getting a sister
in the spring
and she is so excited. She said that just gave us
another baby to spoil
rotten.  Thought you might like to hear that one of
your precious
babies has a wonderful home and is totally spoiled
rotten. We love him
so much and cannot wait to get a sister.
I was looking at your website of your pictures and
after we get moved,
I want to bring Joseph and Jake to Cookeville for
you to take their
pictures. It will be sometime in December. You do a
great job. My life
has been richly blessed by knowing you.
Hugs to all,
Franklin, Tn

Hey Bonnie,
It seems like forever since I have talked to you. I
got a bad virus and was down
for three weeks. Hope all is well your way and hope
Tommy is making progress.
Just wanted to give you an update on Jake. We
went to the vet today and he is a  whopping 8
pounds!!! Can you believe it. He will be getting
neutered on August  21st, so I will send you the
papers when I pick him up.

Bonnie, Jake is just the most precious baby ever.
He is smart, affectionate, loving, playful and funny.  
He helps take dirty clothes to the laundry room. It
is a sight to see. If there  is a sock on our
bathroom floor, he will pick it up and take it
straight to the  laundry room. Very comical. I will
send pixs as soon as I find my digitalcamera. We
are getting ready to move and it has been put in a
box somewhere.

I  took Jake to the new house today and he
absolutely loves the fenced back yard. I
cannot wait to get all moved in so we can get out
there and play together. Jake  also graduated from
puppy kindergarten. Call me biased, but he was
one of the  smartest in his class!!!
Will close for now.
Thank you for bringing our new baby into this
world and giving him a great

We cannot imagine life without him.
Love and prayers your way,
Sherri and Joseph
Franklin, TN

My life has been blessed by you in so many ways.
Thanks for the gift of Jake. He is so very precious.
Joseph and I are coming to Gatlinburg during his
fall break in October and I want to bring Jake to
see you guys. Will let you know the exact weekend
when I know.
Prayers your way,
Franklin, Tn

Hey Bonnie,
How are things your way? I was just wondering if
you have a new litter
due. If not, do you know when you will be
expecting a new litter. I am
really wanting a sister for Jake. He is ABSOLUTELY
Let me know about when you may have a future
litter so I can get a
deposit in for a baby girl.
Look forward to hearing from you,
Franklin, Tn

Dear Bonnie,

I know it has been a long time since I have been in
contact with you.  Scruffy is wonderful and is the
best thing that ever happened to our family.  
Everyone loves him sooooooo much.   I never
could believe that  he would make such a positive
difference in our lives.

I have given your name and e-mail to a few friends
who are considering a puppy.  It is amazing how
beautiful he is.  We have met many bichons on our
walks and have only seen 2 out of 20 that look as
nice as our little guy.  It is sad to see the others - I
would swear that there is a lot of poodle in them.  It
makes such a difference in personality and looks
when you find a pup from the best.  We tell
everyone we meet about the "Wonderful Bonnie
Clinton of TN"  We make sure Scruffy watches all
the TN games and we will continue to keep you in
our prayers.

Thanks again for making this process so easy and
comfortable for us.  The whole process went
smooth and the puppy was everything we could
have wished for.  I will keep in touch.

Ashburn, Va.

Dear Bonnie,

Just wanted you to know that my whole family and I
totally love Iris. She is adorable, is feisty and has
tons of  personality. Ziggy took to her immediately.
She seems to love everybody and everything. She
also seems to be happily adjusted to her new

Iris ( also in know as Irie) sleeps with me, my
husband, our two cats Bobby and TD, and Ziggy,
when he is not with my daughter. She plays in the
back yard and goes on walks to the beach. It has
been unseasonably warm, but I have gotten
several warm coats for her to wear when it's cold.
She has grown so quickly that in a week she went
from a size 8 coat to a 10. I bought a 12 to
guarantee that she will keep warm.

Iris goes everywhere with me during the day. She
behaves perfectly in stores and enjoys riding in
the car. It is clear that she had an excellent start in
Tennessee. One of my neighbors told me that the
iris is Tennessee's state flower.

I hope the brothers and sisters are as happy as our


Rockport, Maine

Hello. Morty is doing great, he is very playful and
has really brought joy to our lives along with some
needed structure and responsibility.

I actually just took him to the vet for the second
time today for his rabies and bordetella shots. He
has been pretty good in terms of not having
accidents in the house, only two or three in total,
mostly due to the fact that we take him out at least
6 times every day.

We are getting ready to enroll him in some
obedience training and a puppy daycare so he can
get exercise during the day. There are many dogs
in our building so he has friends to play with at the
park across the street and everywhere we go he
draws attention.

I have forwarded you the photos I have posted on
Ofoto so you should get an e-mail with a subject
line reading "Morty!". Enjoy!

Alexandria, Va


News Flash.....................

Charlie just participated in his first Halloween Pet
He wore his goggles and his Harley Davidson
Leather Hat...............and I must say he did look the
part....(Biker Dog)

He walked in the parade like he was the top dog..
which he was by the way.....
He pranced all the way on the parade route......tail
up high....holding his head high.

Charlie seemed to want to get to meet the bigger
dogs...socialization skills were absolutely
also of all the dogs there  ( approximately 50 plus)  
there was not an incident of any misbehaving on
any dogs

Of course he drew a lot of attention with his
goggles.......his hat seemed to keep falling off at
times  but I just secured it on the back of his neck
and he was much happier............

Now the sad news    "Charlie Did Not win 1st
Place....................Crooked Judges......
Charlie Did Not Win 2nd Place.................Judges
Must Have Been Blind
Charlie Did Not Win 3rd Place.................All I can
figure judges did not see

Good Part..........Charlie did get a bag of

Best Part............We had fun................

Next year Charlie is going as a
clubs and nickers and a tam for a hat......We will
rule next year.

By the way there was another Bichon there...........
but he did not hold a candle to Sir
Charles..................the other Bichon was all fluffed
out...............Charlie met him ....but Charlie was not

Charlie was looking for a girlfriend I think.................

Anyway  enuff...........

Will send some photos soon

Dean & Elizabeth..................
Pinehurst, NC

Pinehurst, NC

Dear Bonnie-
Elizabeth Anne gave me your email address and
also sent me several pictures of Sassy and your
other beautiful Bichons.  I have never seen such
beautiful Bichons.  Not one of them has stains
around their eyes, which is amazing.  

I lost my dear Victoria Madeleine (Tori) a week
ago today.  I had no idea she had cancer until
that day, and I only had about 15 minutes to say
goodbye.  It was the saddest day of my life.
I loved that dog as much as I do my only child,
Every friend I have will tell you that Tori was the
love of my life and I treated her like a little baby.  
She weighed 11 pounds and spent the better part
of her life in my lap, or nearby, and I loved it!  She
was an extraordinary dog in that she just wanted to
be near me.  She was my shadow.  She slept with
me every night.

The Lord was kind to her and didn't make her
suffer; for that I am grateful, but I wish I'd had
more time with her.  I really thought she would
live to be at least 15.  She would have been
12 in April.  When my husband and I divorced
almost 7 years ago, Tori got me through that
awful time.

I am 63 years old but my friends say I look 50!  I
am in good health, play golf and tennis and am
at home most of the time.  I am financially able to
support a dog and make sure she gets all the
medical attention she needs.  I live in a nice
community in a brick  home -- all on one
level.  I allow my pets on all my furniture.  They are
family and are treated as such.  I have a couple of
dog sitters who come in when I am away to take
care of my pets.  I don't travel a lot, but when I do, I
make sure they are well taken care of.

A dog Sassy's age appeals to me because she is
trained and mature.  I had said I wanted to wait
a while before making a decision on whether or not
to get another dog.   Then I met Elizabeth Anne the
other night (we serve on the Membership
at our church) and she mentioned her Charlie and
Sassy.  I don't know if God is sending me a
I once read that people who have pets and friends
live longer.  Well, I am in for a long life, I hope!

Please send me the questionnaire and your
address and I'll get a current pic off to you.    Then
we can talk.  If things work out for both of us, when
would Sassy be available?  If Elizabeth Anne is
going to pick up Charlie soon, I'd love to go with
her and meet you and Sassy.  I appreciate the fact
that you are selective about who gets your dogs.  

Look forward to hearing from you.

Pinehurst, NC
Sassy is doing great.  She just had to get
adjusted.  This is a whole new world for her.
I had some friends in last night
and one of my friends held her the entire
evening.  I had Elizabeth Anne and Dean over.
Sassy got the cutest visor (lavender) from a
neighbor and a toy from another.  Everyone
loved her.  She truly is the sweetest doggy.
She lays up in bed as long as I want.  We
are bonding!  She follows  me everywhere
and I love it.  Her favorite place is the
glider love seat in my bedroom.  I put a pink
blanket on it and that's where she likes to
hang out.  We watch TV in there, plus my
computer is in here, so it is home for her.

Don't worry about her.  She is adjusting.
I'm so glad she is in my life.  Thank you!

Love, Elaine
Pinehurst, NC

Hi there Bonnie,

I just wanted to let you know how well Baxter is
doing.  He graduated from obedience school two
weeks ago, and he finished at the top of his
The instructor thought that he was a wonderful
Bichon and a very smart dog.  After his last class
he received a diploma and he picked out a
toy, which he adores.

David and I like to think that Baxter is completely
housebroken, so he doesn't spend much time in
his crate anymore.  He loves to play ball,
and we take a long walk most evenings.  Also,
we've been getting him groomed at Petsmart and
that is working out well.  We tried a few other
places, but we really had the best experience with
Christy at Petsmart.  

Baxter is truly a wonderful and sweet little dog,
and he means the world to us.

We hope that you and your family are doing well.

All our best,
Whitney and David


Chewbacca is doing well.  He has been a really
good match with our family.  He's a creature of
habit like us and loves his schedule.  He enjoys
playing outside and of course loves all his family
and he lets us know how much he has missed us
when we've been gone.  He is always happy.

Have a great day!

Jocelyn Taylor

Little Lila did pretty well for our 6 hour trip home.
The first time we took her out to potty she did it
right away!  Her track record since then hasn’t
been so stellar, but such is the life of a new puppy

Also, on the drive home she would want to sleep
on top of Ashleys shoulders jammed in between
the back of the car seat and Ashley’s neck and
shoulders.  Very cute!

When she isn’t making messes she is making up
for them by being a perfect angel.  She loves
taking naps with me and playing with our other
Bichon,George.   She is less than a quarter his size
and still fairly uncoordinated, but she goes right at
him and loves to wrestle.  George is gentle with
her, but I can tell he can’t wait for her to grow up
so she can give him a little better competition. She
is always kissing him and he is always sitting on

They are the cutest when they sleep together or
when you hold them together.    Many times Lila
lies on top of George and unless her puppy claws
dig into his back they stay that way.

We are going to develop pictures soon and we will
send you one.

John & Ashley
Dayton, Ohio


Hey Bonnie!!  Our precious little Bailey is getting
"fixed" this Wednesday.  What do I need to mail to
you for you to get his papers mailed to us?  How
does that work?

I don't mean to brag, but I do believe that we have
the cutest puppy that we have ever seen.  We all
adore him and he is sooooo spoiled.  I'll have to
send some pictures of him soon.  It's almost a
burden having such a cute puppy because
everybody stops to see him and pet him and asks
many, many questions about him.  Anyway, enough
of my bragging.   

Richmond, KY

Hey Bonnie,

How are you?  Paxton, formally known as Gabe is
doing GREAT!  He is getting bigger and has really
been spoiled rotten!  

He has been to the Doggy Spa and had a great
time! He is a GREAT PUPPY!  He already knows to
go to the door when he needs to go out and I
believe he is the most loving animal I have ever
been around.

I will be sending you some pictures asap so you
can see him in his new home. He is def. the 3rd
member of our family and trust me, He knows that!

Thanks Bonnie for Paxton!  Amy and I love having
him apart of our family!

Jonesborough, Tn

Abbi slept all the way home last night. She had a
good night and has played and snuggled with Larry
and I all day long. We have two Lazy Boy lounge
chairs, and she has already made herself at home
in mine, sleeping between my legs. She's eating
well and is very playful. We just love her so much!!!
Also she's gone and done both of her jobs outside
already today.
Thank you so much for the pics. of Abbi!!  We've
already sent them to all of our family and friends.

Talk to you later,
Fairfield Glade

Princess Maggie is doing fantastic.  She hasn't had
any accidents yet, holds herself well, and we are
watching the clock when she eats.  She never
finishes her food...always has a bit left over...she is
only eating 3/4 of a cup total.  I don't know if that
will change soon, but she seems very comfortable
at home already.   

She did great at the vet, loved on everyone, was
very calm and absolutely precious.  She did NOT
like him messing with her we have to
take him a poo sample when we take her Thursday
for her shots.  I guess we are going to have to
work on that...but that was the only issue she had
with being at the vet.  Very well behaved :)

She is a chewing machine, little gums are killing
her I am sure.  She attacks everything she can find
outside...she attacked a very threatening acorn top
Saturday evening.  And of course those communist
leaves we have are obviously plotting something
evil.  She cracks me up.  I didn't know that an 8
week old puppy could have this much personality.  
And let's not even discuss how perfect she is with

Tessa cannot walk to the bathroom (baby gate
blocks the back of the house where the bathroom
is) without whimpering the entire time she is away.  
She is very taken with Tessa, she LOVES all of us,
but Tessa is the one that counts the most :)   

And last night I saw Princess at her happiest when
my mom brought out a plastic table cloth with a
flannel backing, and we laid it soft side up, plastic
side down (in case of an accident, we JUST got
new carpet - trying to save it as long as is possible  
hehehe).  So my step dad sat on the sofa and mom
and me and Tessa were in the floor as boundaries
to keep her on the mat...and she just played the
hardest I have ever seen her play.  She bounced
and pounced her chewy rabbit (loves the satin
ears), growled and attacked that squeaky bone,
then would go back to the rabbit.

She woke us up at 2:30 Sunday morning crying...
cried a little more when we put her in her crate but
went to sleep pretty quick when my mom was in the
room.  Right before she went to sleep she would
whimper then shove her nose straight down into
the blanket you sent really helped her.  
Then last night she was quiet all night.  I don't
know if puppies can relate to consequences this
early, but it was almost like she knew if she made
noise again she was going to be separated from
her girl, and that just wasn't acceptable.  So she
was awake, but quiet and her moving around on
the bed didn't wake Tessa up at all.   

The cats are fine with her as long as they can stay
away from her.  The head kitty has taken her in as a
baby...she doesn't touch her, but when Princess
moves to another part of the room Sally (the cat)
will immediately go to where she was and sniff...
and when she whimpers or cries she is right there
too.  She knows she is a baby.  But Princess, she is
wanting to PLAY!  She pounces backwards and
YIPS every time Sally sits still long enough and
Sally usually ends up being chased by Princess...
but of course she can jump over the gates so she
escapes.  I joked last night that I am going to
rename Princess Houdini, because she has found
a way through each of the child gates.  Well
through one and under two.  She got under one
yesterday evening and turned around to look at us
from the other side...wish I could've read her

So we are all just settling in.  Everything is great,
everyone is healthy, and we are all very happy.  We
even worked on some training yesterday with
come and sit...she did well to perform.  Definitely
some entertainer in her.  One last note...I am also
amazed at how she acts completely different with
each of us already.  She climbs up me and licks and
chews my ears.  Tessa trys to put her paws up on
her shoulders like she does with me, but Princess
just slides down and lays in her lap.  She jumps all
over my stepdads legs when he enters a room...
doesn't do that to us...and she is a little more
ballistic with him.  I think it is the voice he uses
with her...he does little voice overs that are

I am going to have to send you pics from the my address will be different.
Thank you for taking such good care of her for us :)

Leigh Ann
Birmingham, Alabama
Hi Bonnie,
We have definitely been slacking on sending
pictures and updates on Bauer.  As you know
Bauer turned one year old on Nov 21st  and he is
doing great.  

We had him neutered when he was 9 months old
and he pulled through like a champ.  At that time
he was 13.2lbs,and very healthy!!  He has quite the
little personality.  He loves to snuggle and sleeps
with Scott and I every night!  Kamrey and Nolen
take such good care of him and in May he will have
another little one taking care of him!!  I am
pregnant with a girl and due May 14th!  It is almost
like Bauer knows.  He loves to rest his little head
on my belly!   I will definitely send you some
Christmas pictures.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a
wonderful 2007!
With Love,

Nikki, Scott, Kamrey, Nolen and Bauer
Westland, Michigan

The first story of Bogey for 2007 begins at his
Granny's house, where he is babysat daily while his
mom, Anita takes care of her daughter, Vicki,
who is recovering from a double lung transplant.
Bogey really likes his Granny's schedule, she naps
with him when he stands in the bedroom doorway
and barks for her to come.

Well - one morning he was there,the neighbor
came over to feed him his favorite cheese and
take him out to potty. This had never been
a problem before. But the more she tried to get
Bogey out onto the grass the more he refused. He
would look left and right back and forth, until
finally the neighbor noticed something in his
mouth... . . . . . .. . . .
It was his Granny's bottom dentures he had taken
off the nightstand.
He was very gentle with them and did not hurt
them at all.
Bogey also wants to be the only MAN in the house,
he attacked a Santa sitting in the floor. He ripped
that beard right off his face and pulled the
toy bag away from him.

Cookeville, Tn
Hello Bonnie,
Thank you for not giving up on Buddy and me.  We
are doing well and are getting ready for Christmas.  
Merry Christmas to you and your family.  Buddy is
completely at "home".  He is the greatest
companion to me and to Nicholas, my son.  The
three of us enjoy long walks every evening here in
Savannah.  He enjoys sleeping with me or with
Nick.  What a great guy!!!! Thank you for putting
your trust in us by letting us adopt Buddy as a very
important member of our family.  I am going to
attach some photos of Buddy.  I hope you get them
this time.
With great affection,
Savannah, GA

Hi Bonnie!

Merry Christmas! Here are some pictures of Dixie.
Dixie is a great dog, she only weighs about 6
pounds, she is tiny, but she has a very BIG

To say that she is the Queen around here is an
understatement. I looked at some other pictures of
your bichons and was wondering if anyone else's
bichon is as small as Dixie.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Gary, Joyce, Lauren, Maddy, Joey, Daisy and Dixie
of Joliet, Illinois

Hey Bonnie,

Here is Holly at 2 years old with her "kids" Sean
and Kelly! She was in desperate need of a
grooming which she got yesterday and is now very
gorgeous!! We love her to death, she is a perfect
pet. We hope you and your family have a blessed
Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love The McCabe's
of Franklin, Tn
*I apologize for not being in touch is
insane and my internet at home is not working
well.  I HAVE to send you pictures of our sweet
little Princess.  She is extremely smart, still
working on the potty training, but when she has
accidents it is usually our fault for not paying
attention to the signs :)

I pray all is well up in the great land of Tennessee!  
OH, most recent Princess story...we took her to the
groomer for her first hair trim on her body...she
has been for other stuff...her hair was so long it
was just parting and laying to the we
asked them to take an inch off...that would have
left about 2 inches...they messed up and SHAVED
HER...she looks like a poodle...and it was uneven!  
She jumps in my lap when I sit down and she went
to sleep and I trimmed on her to even her hair out...
she looks funny, not our 'normal' Princess, but her
hair being short feels like satin!  Mom and I have
discussed trimming her at home...between the two
of us in the middle of the day when she is tired and
ready to sleep I think we can do it just least
we won't end up with her shaved again.  But alas, it
didn't affect her disposition...she is definitely a
family dog...loves everyone to be there at the
same time...she is sneaky though!   

Oh, and we have the baby gates to keep her in her
"gated community" of the kitchen / dining room.  
The gates have a peddle at the floor you push
down on and the door hands required...
NICE...well when Princess follows you to the gate
she will lift her foot and put it on top of yours as
you open the gate...precious!  We just love her to
death...can't wait to get her trained a little better...
but her loving disposition is unmatchable!  She
LOVES toys...gets a new one every two weeks or
so...her favorite right now is a giant plastic PINK
diamond fitting, what Princess doesn't
deserve such wonderful things!

I promise to get you pictures soon...I am thinking
about starting a picture location like you have...
Lord knows we have PLENTY of pictures...then you
could save them and post them on yours if you'd
like!  I'll let you know when I am able to get it
worked out.  My internet time used to be after
Tessa went to sleep...but Princess sleeps with me
(in a carry crate), and if she is left on the bed while
I am on the computer she is I end up
laying in bed waiting on her to get tired and fall
asleep myself :)  Hope all is well!  Tell SassyFrass
and Scooby Doo that their Princess is SPOILED!

Leigh Ann
Birmingham, Alabama
Hi Bonnie,
Just thought you might like to see our Christmas
photo with Bella.   She's a great little girl!  My in-
laws were here two weeks ago  watching the kids
and Bella while Mark and I were away, and they are  
soooo smitten with Bella.  In fact, we're thinking
about getting them one next year!

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Louisville, Ky
When my husband saw your dogs he said that the
hair on his arms stood  up because Scooby looks
so much like our first dog Brandy, he died at the
age of 14 and I miss him still. Thanks again for all
you do and keep up the good work. The dogs are


Touch a Bichon
and you have
touched a bit of

Hold a Bichon
and you have
held the world.

Love a Bichon
and you will
love life forever.
Shopping List

Bring when picking up the dog:
Buckle collar: leather or non-stretch material.
Make sure it is "2-fingers" snug and can't come
ID tag: attached securely to collar.

Leash: strong clasp and thick leather or
double-ply woven for your comfort.
Note: use another person or a crate/carrier to
transport a puppy to contain any "accidents."

Supplies to have ready at home:

Feeding, nutrition & toys:

Your puppy will be accustomed to eating
dry Purina Puppy Chow.

Food: Gradually change over to the food of your
choice. Dry food is good for teeth and digestion.

No table scraps: feeding table scraps encourages
begging. It's your job to keep food out of reach.

Biscuits: avoid those with food coloring. Use to
reward good behavior.

Low-fat plain yogurt, and parsley: good daily
diet supplements.

Organic apple cider vinegar: a little added to
water bowl daily can help digestion and deter

Rescue Remedy (available in health food stores):
calms when traveling, nervous or injured.

Toys: use safe chew toys. Soft toys are good for
some dogs, but others will pull them apart, so
remove if this happens.

Beware of hooves and hard-packed chews/bones
that can crack teeth.
No chicken & Fish : Bones can splinter and can
cause internal injuries.

Crate: an invaluable tool, especially at the
beginning. Avoid crating a dog for more than
5 hours. Place safe toys inside. Folding crates
are also ideal for traveling. If the dog chews
on crate bars, get the Vari-kennel or airline
crate. Make sure the crate is large enough for
dog when full grown; you can block off part
for a pup. You can mail-order crates from
Dog's Outfitter 1-800-367-3647, Foster & Smith
1-800-826-7206 and R.C. Steele

Baby gates: a good confinement alternative.
Make sure dog can't get head/paws caught in
gate, can't chew threw or knock down the gate
or jump the gate.
Bedding: easy to clean, thick enough for
Puppy pen: helpful when you want a pup
confined but not crated.
Water and food bowls: use stainless steel.
ceramic can chip and plastic can absorb
bacteria and smell.

steel comb for keeping matts combed out.

Brush: brush daily; good for skin and can be
better than bathing.

Grooming supplies: get the right tools for your
dog if you're going to bathe, clip claws and cut
hair yourself.

tweezers for keeping hair  plucked out of your
bichon's ears.

blunt nose cuticle scissors to keep hairs around
the eyes trimmed away.

Pet-specific cleaners: such as Simple Solution or
Nature's Miracle, available from pet supply
stores. They remove pet stains and odors.
20-foot leash: good for training the "come"
In the Nursery
Bonnie & Scooby when
Scooby was just a baby
There is no better therapy in the world than
a puppy licking your face!
ALL photos copyrighted property of Bonnie Clinton